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We accomplished the main objective for our website, to tell the story of our ‘Human Engagement, Actionable Data’ manifesto. April Six supported us at every step—from strategy to build to execution. - Tessa Barron, VP of Marketing, ON24


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ON24 approached April Six with the challenge of changing the perception that webinars are merely a secondary tactic. To address this challenge, we devised a comprehensive program centered around the concept of "intelligent engagement." This program involved creating a new brand identity and website, developing supporting content drivers, and implementing dynamic customer advocacy programs.

By positioning webinars as a powerful tool for intelligent engagement, we were able to successfully shift perceptions and highlight the many benefits they offer. The new brand identity and website helped to communicate this message in a clear and compelling way, while the supporting content drivers and customer advocacy programs provided additional proof points and validation.

Overall, the program was a huge success, with ON24 successfully establishing itself as a thought leader in the space. The intelligent engagement concept resonated with audiences and helped to drive increased engagement and interest in webinars as a strategic marketing tool.