A simple 11ty starter site. Includes navigation, SASS, Webpack, and more.

I developed this 11ty starter theme to explore the capabilities of Copilot, the AI coding assistant from GitHub/Microsoft. I wanted to create a starter theme that had everything I wanted and nothing else.

If you haven't tried Copilot yet, it's truly impressive. Although I encountered some errors from their server during my testing phase, the Copilot discussion group assures me that those issues should be resolved by the time you read this.

I'll be sharing a video soon, showcasing the entire process of creating this theme. Stay tuned!

I have posted a striped down, unstyled version of the theme on Github for public use.

Noteworthy Features:

* Laravel Mix* for SCSS / JS compilation (incl. Autoprefixer)
* Laravel Mix is a wrapper around webpack, it is purely NodeJS, no PHP involved.