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Launched seamlessly in the summer of 2019, LiveRamp’s bold, new site has helped elevate the brand and business. The vibrant expression of the company’s personality is palpable on every page, …


WordPress / PHP / JavaScript / HTML / CSS / Marketo / Optimizely / Node.js


LiveRamp's mission is to connect the digital and physical worlds, make sense of data, and help brands create exceptional customer interactions. However, the company's website was not delivering the desired results. To address this issue, LiveRamp engaged the services of April Six.

Our team was tasked with transforming LiveRamp's website into a dynamic and engaging destination, which would better represent the brand and provide an improved user experience. We accomplished this by moving away from the previous corporate and green-washed approach and introducing vibrant colors and dimensional elements. The end result was a website that fully realized LiveRamp's promise and effectively communicated the brand's vision to its audience.